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Best In Show Pet Resort

Dog Grooming

Make Your Dog the Envy of the Neighborhood

Our Dog Grooming Salon & Spa offers all the luxuries you expect from a human spa. Whether your pup needs a clean up after a day of fun or just some pampering, your pet is guaranteed to look amazing after a luxurious day at our spa. We’ll make your pet look fabulous!

Advantages of Dog Grooming

Keeping your pet groomed provides many benefits besides a fresh hair cut. Grooming can provide early detection of health-related issues, minimizes shedding, keeps nails short to maintain a healthy foot structure and posture, and helps maintain good oral hygiene. Another advantage is the prevention of matting. Matted hair reduces the contact your dog's skin has with the air and it traps moisture, which when combined create a habitat for bacteria and cause infection.

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Our Grooming Salon & Spa offers:

  • Full professional grooming

  • Premium bathing services

  • Breed standard cuts

  • Nail trimming or filing

  • Ear cleaning

  • De-matting, de-shedding and brush-outs

  • Facial & spa services

  • Paw conditioning & aroma therapy treatments

  • Shedding control services

  • Teeth brushing

  • Medicated baths

  • High quality, organic and locally produced product offerings (paraben, sulfate & gluten free)

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Reasons to Choose Best In Show Pet Resort Dog Grooming

  • We use state-of-the-art dog grooming equipment and techniques

  • Our professionally trained groomers are friendly pet lovers who take great pride in their work

  • Groomers, stylists and bathers pay special attention to your pet’s specific needs and unique body styles

  • Grooming services are available 7 days a week by appointment

Best in Show Resort Pet Points Rewards

Loyalty Deserves To Be Rewarded. Loyal pets—and loyal pet parents—are entitled to all the appreciation in the world. And we’re delighted to reward your repeated visits to us with a program that recognizes your support. Every dollar you spend earns a reward point. And every 250 points you collect earns a $5 credit on your next stay. Entry into the rewards program is automatic. 

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