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Cat Boarding

Cat laying down and stretching
Cat laying down and stretching

We Offer Trustworthy Cat Boarding Services

We make your pets our first priority and it shows! Our cat boarding accommodations are clean and comfortable, and all our feline guests enjoy regular and loving attention from our caring, experienced and certified staff. To provide them a safe and relaxing experience, our cat boarding guests receive their own special cat condos in a dog-free section of our pet boarding facility.

We Take Your Cat’s Health & Safety Our First Priority

We come highly recommended by leading veterinarians and pet parents because we take each cat’s health seriously. To protect our cat boarding guests, we maintain:

  • Strict vaccination policies to ensure your cat’s health during his or her stay. All pets must be current on necessary vaccinations. Our Reservations Specialist will review these with you when making your reservation

  • A secure facility, with wellness checks provided and continuous monitoring throughout the day

  • Extended staff hours to ensure proper supervision throughout your pet’s entire stay

  • Daily housekeeping services with strict, hospital-grade cleaning protocols and a clutter-free environment

  • Year round climate-controlled rooms with air handling systems for optimal health, air filtration and temperature control with smoke and fire detection systems

  • A routine of serving meals twice daily or as requested (premium brand of house cat food offered for our guests, but will be glad to feed your friend as directed) and fresh water at all times

We Make Your Cats Feel Comfortable

Our cat boarding accommodations will make your cat feel right at home. If your cat has a favorite toy, bring it with you. We’d love to play and interact with your pet and his/her favorite toy. We just ask that you limit the number of toys to two per cat, and no catnip please. Additionally, we provide the following accommodations to ensure your cat feels comfortable while in our care:

  • Safe, clean, and private overnight accommodations in a separate section – away from our canine guests

  • A litter box, kitty litter, food and water bowls

  • Premium brand of house cat food (we will be happy to feed your friend as directed)

We Provide Ample Exercise, Relaxation and Playtime

We value exercise, relaxation, and playtime for all our cat boarding guests by providing multi-level cat enclosures with your choice of two or three platforms to accommodate feline families in a range of sizes. Our professional pet care attendant staff members will check in on and spend time with your cat several times per day during their stay.

We Offer Special Amenities

We love our feline guests so much, we offer special amenities for pet parents who want to make their cat’s stay more comfortable. Ask us about these special services if you want your feline friend to receive any of our special amenities, such as:

  • Special treats

  • Extended attention from our loving staff