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Best In Show Pet Resort

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When should I make my reservation?

Reservations should be made as far in advance as possible. While we have lots of room, we do book up quickly, especially around holidays.

What are your vaccination requirements?

Dogs must be current on their Bordetella, DLPP, Rabies and Canine Influenza. Bordetella is strongly recommended by Best In Show to be administered every 6 months; however, some Veterinarians advise giving this vaccination annually.  

Cats must be current on their Rabies and FVRCP. 

If you need assistance in getting your pet vaccinated, Garden City Veterinary Care is conveniently located in the same building as Best in Show Pet resort and is happy to help you. They can be reached at 516.742.0606 

What if my pet becomes ill or gets hurt while I am away?

In the event of an emergency we will attempt to contact you and your preferred veterinarian. In the event of a true emergency, we will not delay life-saving treatment. Our neighboring facility, Garden City Veterinary Care, will provide emergency treatment. If necessary, we will transport your pet to the nearest emergency veterinary hospital.

Will you administer medications during my pets stay?

Yes, we can. Many of our guests take medication on a daily basis. Additional charges may apply. Unfortunately, we cannot board any cats on medication or dogs on insulin or seizure medications.

What are your hours?

Regular business hours are Monday-Friday 7AM-7PM, Saturday 9AM-6PM, Sunday 10AM – 6PM. The resort closes daily from 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm, outside of these hours, you may check in or out at any time. We will discount your Activities Package according to your time of checkout. Best in Show is closed on certain holidays for pick up and drop off, please call for details.

My dog is not spayed or neutered. Can he/she still stay at your resort?

Yes, Best in Show will accept unaltered dogs. Unaltered dogs over the age of 7 months must be signed up for One-on-One play time since they cannot go into playgroup. If your female dog is in heat, she will need to be moved to an area where she will not be around other dogs. If we do not have a separate area for your dog in heat, depending on guest volume, we will require you to pick up your dog.

All unaltered pets are placed in our Individualized Care Program for their safety and the safety of other guests. Instead of group playtimes, these animals will enjoy individual playtimes with one of our Pet Care Technicians.

Is pet transportation available?

Yes, we will send our Pet Taxi to your home for pick-up or return of your pet, depending on location and availability. Please call for more information.

Why do you recommend an exit bath?

Unlike home, at Best in Show Pet Resort your pets share exercise and common areas with others. Our resort is fully disinfected daily; however, no matter how clean our facility, interaction with other pets will alter your pet’s natural scent. We offer bathing services to all of our guests. Please call us for details and pricing.

Can my pet get fleas from other animals during their stay at Best In Show Pet Resort?

We take flea and tick prevention very seriously. Every animal staying with us, whether overnight or for daycare, is required to be on routine, ongoing flea and tick preventative (flea collars are not acceptable because we remove all collars for safety). This helps to ensure no flea or tick infestation can occur at our facility. Upon check in we will ask you to provide the name of the preventative used and the last date of administration. 

If we find fleas on your pet, we mandate treatment immediately, which may be at your expense. We will always call you to discuss the care of your pet.

If you have questions about which preventative is right for you pet, please reach out to your preferred Veterinarian or our neighbors at Garden City Veterinary Care.

My dog is older. I would like him to get some play time but he may tire more quickly than younger dogs. What accommodations are available for him?

Your pet is constantly assessed by our trained staff. If they seem tired of playing, they will be escorted back to their suite so that they can rest. Conversely, if your dog seems happier in play time, then we’ll leave them in the playgroup a little longer.

My dog hasn’t socialized that much. Will she/he enjoy being in a group?

Guests enjoying group play will be placed in one of our three playgroup areas based on their size and temperament. When in a group, they will instinctively find their place in the pack. This can be an ongoing process but they usually find pack members of the same rank and play with them. It can take a few days for them to feel completely comfortable but you’d be amazed at how a shy dog will blossom into a more playful one! Our staff is trained to recognize and curtail any unwanted behavior.

Is daycare safe? Could my dog get bitten by another dog?

When dogs play, they use their paws and mouths and their play can sometimes mimic wrestling or fighting. In rare instances, play goes too far and a dog can get bitten or scratched. It’s a lot like a playground full of children. Occasionally kids who play hard end up with cuts or bruises. Rest assured that our trained staff monitor the dogs at all times and take their safety very seriously. We take all precautions to avoid any occurrence of injury.

I have multiple dogs and cats. Can they share a suite?

Pets from the same family may share a suite. However, dogs and cats have separate lodging areas in the resort, so we can not let your family dog and cat stay together. 

We will assess your animals’ size and temperament and place them in an appropriate-sized suite. The rate for the second pet will be discounted at 10%, a third pet will be discounted at 15%. Maximum discount is 15% off.

Can my pet bring their own food?

Yes, but it must be separated into individual Ziploc bags—one bag per meal - so we can ensure they maintain their usual eating habits. Each bag must be labeled with your pet’s name (first and last). If these requirements are not met, your pet will receive Best In Show Pet Resort’s standard dry food (Purina) or a special handling fee. Absolutely no raw or uncooked food will be accepted.

How many times a day will my pet be fed?

We can do any feeding, your food or ours, up to 3 times a day. If you bring your own food, please pre-portion into Ziploc bags. If you have a pet with a unique feeding schedule or needs, please contact a manager to discuss before your pet’s stay. 

Can I bring in my dog’s bed or toy?

Yes, as having something from home can make them feel more comfortable. We ask that you limit personal belongings to two items per pet. Since we supply a bed and blanket, we encourage you to leave your pet's bedding at home to avoid it from becoming damaged. All items should be labeled with your pets first and last name. For the safety of your pet, we do not permit rawhide products.