Professional Dog Training in Mineola, NY

Training Packages

Our all-inclusive package consists of daily training sessions in addition to four nights of lodging and five days of fun activities. Think of it as your dog’s own sleep-away training camp!

At Best in Show Pet Resort, we want to ensure your dog’s education continues as soon as you walk out the door. That’s why our training package includes a free scheduled follow-up with a local professional trainer. Call us to schedule an appointment for a free evaluation at our dog training center here in Mineola, NY. We’re convenient to all of Nassau and Suffolk counties.

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Our Philosophy & Methods

We use gentle techniques based on positive reinforcement here at Best in Show Pet Resort. All training is individualized based on breed, age, and temperament. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach- our dog training program revolves around three core ideas:

  1. Teaching you how to maintain your dog’s positive attitude with continued improvement
  2. Teaching your dog to respond to verbal commands with an encouraging approach
  3. Ensuring the training sticks with you both well beyond the classroom

Free Dog Training Evaluation

Visit our dog training center for a free evaluation where you’ll meet one of our training specialists. We’ll assess you & your dog’s specific goals & challenges, and we’ll use this information to design a custom-tailored program that’s right for you.

Puppy Training

As any puppy parent knows, training your new family member is no easy task. Best in Show Pet Resort is here to help with our puppy training camp for dogs under three years old.

Our curriculum covers basic command training, and your pup will learn to control impulses, pay attention, resist jumping, and respond to verbal cues such as sit and down. Our no-fear, positive reinforcement environment ensures the comfort and happiness of our furry students.

training-3About our Dog Trainers

Best in Show Pet Resort’s training staff is composed of a team highly educated in dog obedience and manners, reinforcement techniques, and non-verbal canine body language. Our dog trainers work fellow professional trainers in the area to utilize the most advanced, positive-reinforcement based methods.

Call us today to schedule your free training evalutaion!

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